Easy Brow Shaping
Frame your face for a picture-perfect look!
If you’ve struggled with your brows and would love to find an easy way to create the ideal shape and thickness for your face, your best bet is a professional brow shaping kit, such as the Brow Couture Grooming Kit from Femme Couture. Available in three shades, this kit contains everything needed to create professionally groomed, symmetrical brows: two brow stencils to shape and define brows; brow powder to fill in sparse areas, to define, to darken and to cover gray; and a brow brush for perfect powder application.

Perfect Brow Shaping

  • SELECT the stencil design that best suits your brows.
  • USE your index finger and thumb to hold the stencil in place as shown.
  • APPLY the kit’s brow powder with the brow brush. Brush back and forth across the stencil.
  • REMOVE the stencil and repeat the steps on the other brow.
  • AFTER applying the brow powder, tweeze away any unwanted hair around your newly defined brows.
Brow Couture Grooming Kit
Precision Tweezers
Brow scissors and brow brush
Brow Couture Brow Grooming Wax
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Brow Couture

Learn how to create perfect brows every time with Femme Couture Brow Couture Grooming Kit. Available in three different colors, the Brow Couture Grooming Kit includes everything you need to keep brows looking fabulous and fashionable!

View the Brow Couture Video