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curls are delicate
and require special care to look healthy.

Why is curly hair more delicate than straight hair? The spiral structure of curly hair makes it more vulnerable to moisture loss resulting from environmental stresses, as well as breakage due to misuse and over-handling. More than 50% of American women have curly hair, and whether its tightly coiled or fine and frizzy, chances are, most of them are still looking for the key to soft, smooth, well-defined curls. The key to perfect curls is understanding them.

All Curls Are Not Equal To determine how best to care for your curls, first identify your curl pattern.

loose curls

Loose curls have a wave pattern that is about two inches wide with soft definition. Loose curl tends to look curlier when it's long than when it’s short.
CURL CARE TIPS: Loose waves are fairly strong and can be shampooed daily with a gentle hydrating shampoo, although four to five times a week is recommended by curly hair experts. After shampooing, use a rinse-out conditioner that leaves curls silky soft without weighing them down.
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medium curls

Medium curls fall into tendrils of one inch to an inch-and-a-half, with plenty of volume. When cut short, medium curls become tighter; when worn long they become looser spirals. Medium curls retain less moisture than loose curls.
CURL CARE TIPS: Medium curls should, generally, be shampooed every other day to keep curls fresh without dehydrating them. Follow up with a rinse-out conditioner that detangles hair and closes the cuticle, which seals in moisture.
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tight curls

Tight curls are tiny ringlets less than an inch in diameter. When stretched out, you may see an "S" shape, a "Z" shape or both. Kinky, tight curls are fragile; they retain less moisture than looser curls and require extra care and maintenance.
CURL CARE TIPS: Because tight curls are most vulnerable to moisture loss and damage, they should be washed only once or twice a week with a moisturizing shampoo followed by a moisturizing conditioner to re-hydrate and help detangle tight curls. To protect hair from environmental damage and de-frizz curls, use a daily leave-in conditioner.
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deep conditioning:

The Essential "Extra" for Curls Because curly hair has a tendency to lose nutrients and moisture when exposed to environmental stresses and heat styling, it’s important to restore strength and hydration with regular use of deep-conditioning treatments. Apply heat for best results. The heat relaxes the cuticle proteins and allows the absorption of beneficial ingredients.

Because tight curls are most vulnerable to moisture loss and damage, they should be washed only once or twice a week