guilt-free tanning

gorgeous, guilt-free sunless tanning

Give your skin a golden glow without paying the price of premature aging.

While we love the look of a suntan, we don't love the skin damage that leads to wrinkles, dark spots, and texture changes. To get the of look of a tan, opt for a sunless tanner; to prevent sun damage, protect your skin with sunscreen.

guilt-free tanning basics

  • exfoliate Just like a suntan, a sunless tan gradually fades as your skin sheds. Exfoliating with a body scrub before applying sunless tanner leaves skin smoooth and ensures longer-lasting results.
  • apply Today, there are many application options for sunless tanning-lotion, mousse, spray, cloth and airbrush and it’s a matter of personal preference. Some sunless tanners are specificially formulated for the face; others can be used from head to toe. Read labels carefully.
  • protect Sun damage occurs throughout your life, but often doesn’t become apparent until middle age. The best approach you can take to preventing premature aging due to sun damage is to protect your skin from both UVA and UVB sun rays. Sunless tanners do not protect your skin, so always apply sunscreeen rated SPF 15 (or higher) before going outdoors. Make it easy by using a daily moisturizer with sunscreen.

helpful tips:

  • If you are using a tanning product for the first time, opt for the lightest shade possible. You can always reapply if the results are too light.
  • Use self-tanner before going to bed instead of during the day, so you don’t dye your clothes. But make sure you are completely dry before getting into bed. To be safe, keep a couple of dark or old towels to put over your sheets so that you won’t stain them.
  • Use a cosmetic sponge wedge to get into small areas, such as between fingers and toes.
  • Sunless tanning doesn’t protect your skin from sun damage. Always apply sunscreen before going outside!

the details

  1. Before applying a self-tanner, exfoliate your skin gently but thoroughly, with a body polish, a washcloth or loofah.
  2. Dry your skin completely.
  3. Apply a hydrating body lotion to dry areas, such as elbows, knees and feet so they don’t soak up too much tanner. Apply moisturizer to your face to produce a lighter shade, if desired.
  4. Apply petroleum jelly to areas you don’t want tanned, as well as on and under your nails.
  5. When tanning their whole body, most people start with their face and move downward. However, some people prefer to work from their feet up. See which works best for you.
  6. Use only enough tanner to cover the area you’re working on; if you want color on your back, get help.
  7. Use a damp paper towel to blot off any excess tanner on such areas as the neck, knees and elbows.
  8. To prevent staining your palms use an exfoliating self tan remover.
  9. Avoid getting dressed for at least 20 minutes to allow the tanner to dry completely.
  10. To keep your tan going, apply Tanwise Creamy Tanning Lotion with Shea Butter daily.