"Demi" Hair Color:
A Versatile, Easy Option!

Ion Color Brilliance Intensive Shine Demi Permanent Hair Color refreshes faded permanent color without damage while new growth is treated.


Ready to give demi-permanent color a try? Ion Color Brilliance Intensive Shine Demi Permanent Hair Color is a new, easy-to-apply crème hair color that exceeds the highest industry standards for professional color results and performance, yet is so gentle it can even be used immediately after a permanent wave or relaxer service. Mix it with Ion Sensitive Scalp 10 Volume Developer, following package directions. Refer to the package insert to achieve the results you desire. You'll also need an applicator bottle and gloves. For best results, use Ion Color Brilliance After Color Treatment to eliminate traces of oxidizing agents, lock in color, and restore natural pH. It’s all available at your nearby Sally store... or buy it conveniently online now!

Hair color expert Stacey Jones explains the many advantages of demi-permanent hair color.

Longer lasting than semi-permanent and less damaging than permanent hair color, demi-permanent hair color is a growing hair color category that combines some of the best advantages of both. Demi-permanent hair color is ammonia-free, so it cannot lighten hair, but it is a versatile hair color solution that meets real-world needs and expectations—it is easy to use, long lasting, non-damaging and delivers beautiful results!

Use demi-permanent hair color to...

Enhance Color
Demi-permanent hair color is designed to enhance and intensify natural or previously color-treated hair. It doesn’t permanently alter hair color, but it is long-lasting—up to 24 shampoos—and fades gradually, so you don’t end up with a harsh regrowth line.

Blend Gray
Demi-permanent hair color is ideal for blending gray and creating a natural looking highlighted effect. Simply use a shade of demi-permanent that is one or two levels lighter than your natural hair color, so that the hair that is pigment-free (white) will take on the new, lighter shade, while your pigmented hair (your natural color) will take on the new tone without changing the level. For example, if you have medium brown hair with some gray, and you select a dark blonde shade of demi-permanent color, your results with be medium brown hair blended with dark blonde “highlights.”

Cover Gray
Using demi-permanent hair color, you can also achieve up to 100% gray coverage, depending on the type and color of your hair. The coarser and grayer your hair is, the less effective it will be at creating full coverage.

Refresh Permanent Color
One of the other key uses for demi-permanent color is to refresh previously colored hair while new growth is treated with permanent color. This provides a damage-free color boost to faded ends.

Color After Relaxer or Perm Service
Demi-permanent color is ammonia free, and some products do allow use immediately following a relaxer or permanent wave service, but check the product before using.

Add Dazzling Shine Without Color
Most demi-permanent hair color lines also offer a colorless formula that adds brilliant, clear shine to natural or color-treated hair.

Stacey Jones, hair color expert

A master colorist, salon education manager, and brand manager, Stacey Jones has more than 17 years of beauty industry experience. She is currently senior brand manager, professional products, for Sally Beauty.