What does your favorite nail color say about you?

You're enthusiastic and spontaneous. You can be disorganized, but your impulsive side is cherished by all who know you. Work for calmness and serenity, and find new ways to bring out the creativity hiding inside you.

Try For Audrey or Neon Blue Sparrow by China Glaze

You're ambitious and inspired by excellence. You can be tough on yourself and very picky, but others are inspired by your high standards. Stop sweating the small stuff, and reach inside for that confidence to make a life-changing decision.

Try Lime Light by Nina Ultra Pro or Tree Hugger by China Glaze

You're a take-charge personality with a big heart. Your generous nature can be taxing, but your friends know they can count on you. Do whatever it takes to bring calm to your topsy-turvy life. A brief respite will make you feel powerful enough to handle anything.

Try Art Appreciation Apricot by FingerPaints or Neon Orange Knockout by China Glaze

You're a deep thinker with an eye for beauty. You sometimes seem closed off and even a mystery, but you really do love companionship. It's time to pamper yourself and then take off to release the wild side you never knew you had.

Try Royal Purple by Nina Ultra Pro or Spontaneous by China Glaze

You're a fun-loving extrovert with a passion for fashion! You desire success, but your fear of change can prevent you from seizing important opportunities. Time to go shopping for a smart new outfit that makes you ready to lead the world.

Try Forever Crimson by Orly or Firecracker by Sally Girl

You're wise beyond your years, even though you think you still have a lot to learn! You care about other people so much that you forget it's okay to pamper yourself every now and then. Slow down and savor the sweet things in life, including a fun-filled evening with an old friend.

Try Chocolate by Savvy Nail Lacquer or Behave by Sally Girl

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One more thing: Have fun with this, but don't take it too seriously! It's meant for entertainment purposes. Colors, shades and hues might have been changed to protect the innocent.

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