Nail a New Look
Fall nail shades move to the dark side.

After summer's lights and brights, dark shades set the mood for fall. From deep gold, warm sienna and molten red to edgy purple, plum and blue, the FingerPaints Limited Edition Beyond the Zone Fall Collection is a complete wardrobe of nail shades designed to complement fall's fashion colors and stand up to this season's bolder accessories.

Dark nails are undeniably sexy, chic and a little dangerous. The down side? Deep shades are harder to apply and maintain. For best results, and the security of clean edges and streak-free application, have deep-toned nails painted by a pro. To change your polish between salon visits, follow the tips below.

FingerPaints Limited Edition Beyond The Zone Fall Collection

FingerPaints Limited Edition Beyond the Zone Fall Collection (L-R): Fool's Gold, Flipped Out Flame, Super Sexy Sienna, Plum Crazy (also on model), Divinely Deranged and Bada Bing Bada Blue.


USE BASE COAT! Base coat helps polish adhere and prevents darker shades from staining nails. Apply it evenly on all ten nails. Control the amount on the brush, even if you have to re-dip. Don't get too close to the cuticle or nail side walls and be sure to cap the end of the nails with base coat. Let it dry for two minutes.
try: Nail Life Gripper Basecoat creates a smooth, protective base for polish, holds polish to the nail and helps prevent chipping.
Nail Life Gripper Basecoat
MIX POLISH 10 minutes prior to polishing by gently rolling the bottle in your hands instead of shaking it. Set the bottle on the table so the bubbles, if any, will disperse. FingerPaints Nail Color
APPLY TWO COATS of polish to the nails on your dominant hand first and let them dry completely for 10-15 minutes before polishing the nails on the other hand. This trick makes it less likely that you'll nick, smudge or ruin your polish.
try: FingerPaints Nail Color has a professional, long-wearing, chip-resistant formula that protects and strengthens nails and dries to a high-gloss shine.
FOR EXPERT APPLICATION, dip the brush, then circle the inside of the bottle neck with the brush to remove any excess polish, and press the brush against the bottle neck so the drip of the polish is on one side of the brush. Apply the polish with the drip on the underside of the brush. Place the polish 2/3 of the way down the nail plate and press the polish towards the cuticle area. Then brush down the nail using soft strokes and leaving a space of 1/16th of an inch at the cuticle area. The average nail takes three or four strokes for full coverage. Don't forget to coat the free edge with polish as you did with the base coat. Clean up around the nails with a cuticle stick or a polish corrector pen.
try: The Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Corrector Pen has a small angled tip for quick, efficient removal of polish around the nails
Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Corrector Pen
PROTECT YOUR POLISH with top coat, and be sure to cap the free edge, which helps prevent chipping. Re-apply top coat every night to protect the polish.
try: For a chip-proof finish, Rock Top Coat is five times harder than any other top coat, yet it is free of Toluene and Formaldehyde.
Rock Top Coat