fight flat hair

fight flat hair

add volume and curves
with the heat styler of your choice

If your hair is fine, limp, deflated or flat, you can put the bounce back in it using just about any heat styler. A blowdryer and round brush are the perfect pair for adding overall volume and for curling ends up or under. A hot hair brush iron does much the same with a single tool. Believe it or not, a flat iron can be used to add volume at the root area, to curve ends and even to create waves. A heat setter adds long-lasting volume as well as springy waves or curls.

blow-dryer & round brush

After shampooing, blow long-lasting volume into your hair. Prep by applying a volumizing mousse throughout your hair or root lift product near the scalp. Use an ionic-ceramic blowdryer and a large round brush to lift the hair from the scalp, smooth and curve hair as you dry. For long-lasting results, finish with the dryer's cool setting and make sure hair is completely dry.

hot air brush

A hot air brush is a finishing tool designed to style your hair as it finishes drying it. First, flip your head over and use a an ionic-ceramic blowdryer until your hair is about 80% dry. Next, apply a little mousse throughout your hair or root lift product near the scalp and finish styling and drying your hair with a hot air brush. Finish with the tool's cool air setting for long-lasting volume.

flat iron

For a smooth style with lift at the roots, use a flat iron with a curved back. Prep dry hair with a heat protection spray or use a lighter-weight leave-in conditioner then use the iron to lift and curve the hair from the root area, smooth the cuticle and curl the ends of the hair under or flip them up.

hair setter

For volume and curl that won't wear out until you wash it out, try using a steam hairsetter. For over-all volume or bouncy curls, divide your hair into one-inch to two-inch sections, prep each roller on the hairsetter and roll hair from front to back, then add a couple on each side. Allow the rollers to dry completely—about 10 minutes but you can use a blowdryer to speed the process—and unroll them in the order you put them in.

the root of the problem: What makes hair just lie there? Hair needs to be lifted from the roots to give it volume, and well hydrated to give it bulk, so to plump up your hair, use a volumizing shampoo that both cleanses and moisturizes without weighing hair down with heavy conditioning agents. If you use a daily rinse-out conditioner, apply it only from ears to ends. Or, skip the rinse-out conditioner and use a spray on leave-in conditioner to add moisture and protect hair from heat styling. For hair that is fine but tends to be oily, try using a clarifying shampoo followed by a lightweight detangler.

If your hair is fine, limp, deflated or flat, you can put the bounce back in it using just about any heat styler.

hat hair helpers:

Has “hat hair” left you flat? To rev up your roots, dampen your hair, especially near the scalp, with a little water and fluff your hair. If you already have mousse or gel mist on your hair, the water will help revive it. Another quick trick is to switch your part. If your hair has been flattened one way, combing it the opposite way will make the roots stand up.

quick pick-me-up:

To give your hair an instant boost, spray the root area with a shaper spray, then flip your head over and dry the root area with a blow-dryer. Use the heat setting first, then finish with cool air to set the roots. Flip your head back up, shake your head and finger-style as needed.