Clairol Professional Premium Crème Permanent Color

Premium Crème from Clairol Professional has a deep-conditioning soy complex formula that delivers amazingly shiny, rich color. 46 dependable, blendable shades. You’ll love the way the results reflect on you.


This technique can be as creative and colorful as the spirit moves you. Depending on the starting level of your client’s hair, adjust the formulas accordingly. The Premium Crème Gold Neutral series provides true-to-tone gold results with 100% gray coverage.

STEP 1: Section hair from ear to ear, starting at top center to front of head. This “fan” shape will be your Hidden Surprises section.

STEP 2: Create a triangle section across nape of neck rising to a center point above occipital. Apply Formula 1.

STEP 3: Section out remaining hair above the triangle section in back and the Hidden Surprises section in front. Apply Formula 2.

STEP 4: Create Hidden Surprises with back-to-back foils in front “fan” section.

(depending on starting Level)

Formula 1:
2 oz. Premium Crème 5GN mixed with 10-volume Premium Crème Developer.

Formula 2:
2 oz. Premium Crème 6GN mixed with 20-volume Premium Crème Developer.

Hidden Surprises Formulas:
Alternate back-to-back foils using three Premium Crème formulas mixed with Premium Crème Developer:

  • 2 foils: 4GN with 10-volume
  • 2 foils: 8GN with 20-volume
  • 2 foils: 12GN with double 40-volume
Clairol Professional Premium Crème Permanent Color and Clairol Premium Crème Developer