Pedicure Q & A

Q. How can I keep my feet soft and smooth between pedicures—even on my busy schedule?
A. One easy way is to regularly smooth away calluses in the shower. For best results, wait until the end of your shower when your skin has had time to soften. Try using a natural Heel to Toe Lava Rock Pumice Stone. Follow up with a rich moisturizer, like Heel to Toe Aromatherapy Conditioning Leg and Foot Lotion. Another easy way to keep feet smooth and callus-free is to use the Heel To Toe Foot Rasp with Smoothing File (compares to the PedEgg) to smooth calluses before treating feet with Heel To Toe Feels Like New Foot Softener or Heel to Toe Cucumber Heel Treatment. Try either method just before bed for even better results.

Q. When I wear sandals, my nail polish takes a beating. How can I make my pedicure last longer?
A. Start with a base coat that adheres nail polish to nails, such as Orly Bonder Base Coat. Make sure you use a salon-quality nail polish, like Orly, Finger Paints or China Glaze for longer-lasting wear. Finally, use a top coat formulated to prevent chipping and UV yellowing, such as Orly Sunscreen For Nails Topcoat. To protect your nail polish, apply an additional layer of topcoat every other day until your next pedicure.

Q. What are the newest nail polish shades for summer?
A. Bolds and beachy brights sizzle in the heat! Check out the Finger Paints Collection and China Glaze Nail Lacquer for bright shades that will put you in the mood for summer sun and fun.