Re-define Your Eyes

Enhance your eyes with easy makeup tricks.

ENLARGE small eyes

Make your eyes look larger by gently shading the entire eyelid with a light, neutral shadow shade. Then use a slightly darker tone from mid-lid extending outward to make eyes look longer. Blend well. Avoid using eye liner as it can make small eyes look even smaller. Finally, curl your eyelashes to give your eyes a more wide-open appearance, and apply mascara.
TRY: Savvy Satin Eye Shadows Trio in Desert Sand, Sandy Beach or Cafe Mocha; Ardell Heated Eye Lash Curler for perfectly curled lashes in seconds; Femme Couture Lash Detector Mascara to highlight every lash.

WIDEN close-set eyes

Create the illusion of width by applying a neutral, light-reflecting mineral eye shadow from the inner corners of your eye to the middle of the lid. Accentuate the outer half of the eyes with a slightly deeper shadow shade and blend well. Line eyes from the middle of the lash line to just beyond the outer corners. Finally, curl the outer corners of your lashes with a special eyelash curler or try applying faux eye lashes to the outer third of your lash line.
TRY: Femme Couture Mineral Effects Eye Shadow in Glimmer Glass and Soft Cloud; Palladio Retractable Eyeliner for smooth application; BBeaute Beyond the Curl for corner lashes; Ardell Invisiband Eye Lashes in Babies.

BRING OUT deep-set eyes

To bring deep eyes forward, first apply a light shade of eye shadow all over your eyelids. Use a shadow that contains a bit of shimmer. Apply a slightly deeper shadow from the crease of your eyelid to just under the brow bone. Shape the arch of your brows and apply a highlighter under the brow to open up the whole eye area. Curl eyelashes and apply mascara.
TRY: Palladio Herbal Eye Shadow in Champagne and Bark; Fran Wilson Instant Brows for perfectly arched brows; Sherni Magnified Mascara for thick, bold lashes.

SET BACK protruding eyes

Create depth by using a brown matte eye shadow on your eyelids, contouring the crease with a deeper shade. If your eyes are large or round, apply eye liner, extending the line slightly beyond the natural lash line. Liquid liner may be perfect for you. Curl lashes with a curling mascara.
TRY: Palladio Herbal Eye Shadow in Matte Brown; Palladio Eye Ink with a felt tip applicator for easy lining; Tweezerman Super Curl Eyelash Curler; Femme Couture Curl Couture Mascara.