Femme Couture Mineral Effects Mineral Makeup

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Classic Bridal Beauty
Perfect your face for a flawless glow.

Classic bridal beauty is all about soft shades, long lashes and glowing skin. To get the look, take good care of your complexion in the weeks leading up to the wedding and choose makeup that offers flawless coverage without looking heavy. Here are a few tips to help you get your perfect wedding day look.

Before applying makeup, apply a facial moisturizer. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, use a moisturizer with SPF 15.

For a flawless complexion, apply a blendable hydrating cream foundation with a sponge for moderate to full coverage. Don’t forget to put pressed powder in your bag for touchups later.

Over your foundation, use an undereye concealer or brightening corrective pen to lighten dark circles, to minimize imperfections and to correct uneven skin tone.

For long-lasting eye shadow, prep lids with foundation before applying eye shadow in a soft, neutral shade. Use a shadow blender brush to blend it up to the crease and out toward your brow. For more contour, go over the crease with a slightly deeper neutral. Use a soft, pearly eye shadow to highlight your brow bone.

To line your eyes, use a flat eye liner brush and an ultra smooth gel liner for long wear and smudge resistance.To create a thin line, gently tap along the lash line with the tip of the brush. For a more dramatic effect, sweep the brush across the lash line from the inside corner. Line the lower lashes with black powder eye shadow.

For thick, luxe lashes, nothing beats faux eye lashes. Choose a style that’s not too dramatic, such as Fashion Lashes 109 or 110, and don’t wait for your wedding day to apply them for the first time. Practice makes perfect! (Click here to learn all about eyelashes.)

Because tears will flow, use a waterproof mascara. Apply a couple of coats, using an eyelash comb between coats.

For pretty cheek color, apply blush to the apples of your cheeks using a soft blush brush. Then lightly brush a little color on your forehead, nose and chin.

For lip color that lasts, first line your lips with a natural tone lip pencil, then fill your lips in with the pencil. Using a lip brush, apply a lipstick shade that is just a little deeper or warmer than your your natural lip color. To give your lips a little more pout, finish with a coat of clear lip gloss.

Set your look with a light dusting of loose translucent powder.

Smile! Nothing will make you look more beautiful than the expression of your joy.