EASY FRENCH: Get everything you need for a French Manicure in one easy kit from Orly. The French Manicure Kit includes base and top coat, polish, tip guides and easy-to-follow instructions. Choose from four shade combinations: Softest White, Bare Rose, Pink Nude, Naked Ivory.

French Lesson
Upgrade a classic and create a chic Double French Manicure.

How can you take a classic manicure to the next level? Double the impact! Seen on the spring/summer runway for Christian Dior, double French Manicures are a chic spin on a traditional style. You can go for a fresh finish with a soft pink base, as shown here, or you can add drama with a deep red or metallic base. For best results visit your nail salon, but here is an easy way to achieve this look at home.


1 - Start your manicure by applying a base coat, such as FingerPaints Base Coat, followed by a coat of a sheer, natural-looking French polish shade. This manicure uses Brushstroke Blush from FingerPaints. Allow the polish to dry completely.

2 - To get the perfect arc for your moons and tips, use peel-and-stick Orly French Manicure Tip Guides. Follow the natural curve of the nail and place one guide directly above your natural moon at the base of the nail. Place a second guide below the white tip area. Apply polish to the moon below the guide and the tips above with a white polish. White Tip from Orly is shown here. Allow the polish to dry completely before removing the guides.

3 - Finish your manicure with a protective top coat, such as Orly Sunscreen for Nails Topcoat. This topcoat screens out UV rays to prevent polish, especially French Manicures and pale shades, from yellowing or discoloring in the sun. It also leaves a hard, protective finish and high shine.