Sheer Color & Clear Shine

Color glazing brightens hair color and boosts shine.

Wouldn’t you love to find a way to make your haircolor last longer, a way to quickly refresh your haircolor or blend gray, or a simple way to have super-glossy hair? You can! Color glaze or color gloss is translucent, demi-permanent or semi-permanent haircolor that can do all of those things in less than 15 minutes! Available in a full range of sheer colors, as well as clear, this deposit-only, ammonia-free salon treatment lasts from two to six weeks (depending upon application and the condition of your hair) and boosts color but will not lighten it. If you're not interested in color, but would love long-lasting shine, ask your stylist for a clear shine glazing treatment after every haircut. It makes hair feel thicker, too! For a subtle color change on hair that’s never been color-treated, ask your stylist about a color glaze. The sheer color will add subtle highlights and super shine! For longer-lasting haircolor, talk to your stylist about applying a clear glaze over newly colored hair to seal in your haircolor and add glistening shine. To refresh color-treated relaxed or permed hair, ask your stylist about a color glazing treatment in your existing shade to boost brightness and shine. If your hair is double-processed, your stylist may also use a translucent color gloss to tone highlights, blonde or red shades. To softly blend up to 30% gray, and add plenty of luster, your stylist can choose a color glaze shade within two levels of your natural color. To add dazzling shine to hair that isn’t color treated, ask your stylist to apply a clear gloss every time you get your hair cut.
sheer color model


According to Andre Nizetich, president of the American Board of Certified Hair colorists, "Beauty schools teach basic skills in many disciplines. Hair coloring requires additional training or working under a skilled hair colorist before competency is achieved. Board Certification distinguishes those individuals who have taken the extra step to be the best they can be. You can feel comfortable putting yourself in their hands." For more information, and to find an expert colorist, go to and click on Find a Haircolorist.