Sleek Summer Legs

Five carefree options for smooth, hair-free legs.

This one may be new to you. An epilator is a tool designed to remove hair from the root. While, in general, hair removal may be painful, using an epiliator is similar to or may be even less painful than waxing. The smooth and sexy results from using an epilator may also last up to six weeks and regular use of an epilator commonly results in finer regrowth.

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Tip: Exfoliate before using, follow product directions, and clean the tweezer heads after every use.

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For long-lasting results—up to six weeks—waxing is a popular choice. Although not painless, proper technique—and numbing soothers—can substantially decrease discomfort. While best results are usually achieved at a salon, microwave waxing kits make it easier than ever to wax at home.

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Tip: Remove wax in the opposite direction of the hair growth while holding skin taut.

Ideal for sensitive skin and delicate bikini area, the "sugaring" technique is similar to traditional waxing, but the solution is water soluble and easier to clean up. Smooth results generally last several weeks, although it may not last quite as long as waxing.

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Tip: Make sure your skin is clean and dry before application.

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The easiest way to remove hair for two weeks or more is with a chemical depilatory. This method dissolves hair below the skin line and is generally painless, but avoid using it on injured or sunburned skin.

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Tip: Avoid skin dehydration by following up with a body butter or lotion.

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Shaving is the fastest way to remove hair and is generally painless, but it does have one major downside: it only removes hair at the surface of the skin, and regrowth can appear in a day. A specialized razor can make shaving the bikini area easier.

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Tip: To help prevent ingrown hairs, exfoliate shaved areas regularly.

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