Spring Fantasy!

Paint your nails in beautiful spring floral shades!

1. Before showering, remove polish and clip your nails to the desired length.
Try: Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Remover Pads, Tweezerman Deluxe Fingernail Clipper

2. While you're in the shower, gently push back cuticles with a cuticle pusher, then use a fine scrub to exfoliate your hands.
Try: YCC Clear Plastic Cuticle Pusher, Beyond Belief Microdermabrasion Scrub

3. After drying off, smooth nail edges with a fine-grit file. Gently buff the nail surface if ridges are a problem. Apply hand lotion. Try: Tropical Shine Cushion Pink Nail File Fine, Star Nail Softie Yellow Sanding Block

4. Once you're dressed and ready to go, wipe nails with polish remover to eliminate any traces of lotion. Apply base coat, polish and a quick-dry 60-second top coat.
Try: Nail Life Gripper Basecoat, Finger Paints Nail Color, Nail Life Speed Demon Polish Dryer

Finger Paints Nail Color

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