Stretch Mark Q & A

You can prevent and diminish stretch marks.

Q. How do stretch marks happen?
A. Stretch marks result from quick weight gain or loss. They are typically found on the legs, abdomen, breasts and derrière, and are associated with pregnancy, obesity, puberty and body building.
Q. Can I do something to help prevent stretch marks while I'm pregnant?
A. All-natural cocoa butter is an ideal choice for combating dry skin, maintaining skin's suppleness and preventing stretch marks during pregnancy. Apply Cococare Yellow Stick 100% Cocoa Butter daily after bathing and before bed.
Cococare Yellow Stick
Q. What can be done about stretch marks?
A. Apply Dermactin-TS Stretch Mark Complex daily to reduce the length, depth and severity of stretch marks. It is also highly effective as an overall anti-aging skin cream and helps to firm and smooth away facial wrinkles.
Dermactin-TS Stretch Mark Complex