(L-R): Orly Nail Lacquer in Vinyl, China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Avalanche, Vertical Rush and Up All Night, FingerPaints Nail Color in Be a Pal-Ette. (Round color swatches) Sally Girl Nail Color in Behave and Ultra Pro Nail Lacquer in Royal Purple.

Tougher Than Nails!
Go for strong nails and strong nail color.

Bad-girl nail color—from black to the deepest reds, purples and blues—has gone beyond the realm of biker-chick chic, punk rock and goth glam, and can now be seen on everyone from high school trend-setters to soccer moms. To wear this trend well, make sure your nails are tough enough. Wimpy, weak, split or peeling tips will not carry off this look, so toughen up your nails—for this trend and every other!

Nail Life Nail Revitalizer Treatment

To strengthen weak, peeling nails...
try Nail Life Nail Revitalizer Treatment. Apply this paint-on nail strengthener as a base coat and as a top coat, adding one coat daily for a week before removing it with nail polish and repeating the steps. The result? Strong, healthy and beautiful nails! Choose from original formula or formaldehyde-free.

Natural Additions Nail Hardener/Dryer

To condition and protect nails...
try Natural Additions Nail Hardener/Dryer from DeLore Nails. This blend of precious oils conditions the cuticle and nail bed, which helps protect nails from splitting, breaking and peeling. Just place one drop on nails and gently massage the base of the nail. Natural Additions gives nails a high-luster finish, softens cuticles and helps develop a strong nails—plus, it dries wet nail polish in minutes.

Claudia Stevens Miracle Nail Fix

To repair splits, chips and breaks...
try Claudia Stevens Miracle Nail Fix. Just brush on this no-mess, brush-on formula to strengthen your nails as your repair them—no glue necessary! For best results, make sure nails are clean and dry before using Miracle Nail Fix and allow it to dry completely before applying nail polish.