Setting isn't the only way to go. Styling products and a back-combing can pump up the volume, too!
For everyday volume...
use a root lifter to create volume from the scalp, giving hair maximum body and fullness. For best results, apply the product, flip your head over and zap the root area with a blow-dryer—first on a heat setting, then on the cool shot to set the hold.
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For volume with staying power...
tease it! You'll need a teasing comb and hair spray. For best results, look for a professional teasing comb with alternating length teeth that push hair down, creating a cushiony base. To add volume at the crown, first section it off. Hold the front piece straight up and give the back a light spritz of hairspray near the base. Then pull the tease comb down through the hair and out. Repeat until the entire section is teased and can stand up on its own. Spray the piece lightly with hairspray and allow it to set as you repeat the process until the whole crown area is back-combed (2 or 3 sections). To finish, smooth over the top of the hair with a styling comb or soft brush. Don't comb through the hair, as that will pull out the teasing. Instead, gently run the comb or brush over the top until your style looks smooth and finished. Use the lift end of the comb to adjust the height.
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Va-va Volume!
Is big hair making a comeback?

Seen on rock stars, "it" girls and runway models, stand-up, standout BIG hair can't be ignored. Part of the retro-rock, neo-soul revival, as well as fashion's continuing flirtation with the 1980s, teased tresses and beehive hair styles make a major statement. But there's a softer side to volume, too. Hair with a bit of height makes us feel a little more glamorous, a bit more powerful. So get out your hairspray and give your hair a little boost or a big blowup—and have fun with it!


Lock in volume with a roller set. Use the largest size your length will accommodate—two to three inches.
For everyday volume...
use jumbo ceramic rollers to create smooth, full styles. Ceramic-injected rollers offer even heat distribution and maximum heat transfer. Roll large sections of dry hair around jumbo-sized heated rollers. Prep hair with styling spray and allow rollers to cool completely before removing them. By the time you've dressed and done your makeup, you can remove the rollers, brush through, spray again for hold... and you're good to go! If you prefer them, self-stick rollers will also do the trick. Just be sure to gently unroll them—never try to pull them out!
Try: Jilbere Five Roller Ceramic Travel Hair Setter, Ion Shaping Plus Styling Spray, Velcro Classic Stylers
For volume with staying power...
set wet hair with, magnetic rollers. Ideal for fine hair, these smooth rollers don't "grab" hair, so there is little chance of breakage. Hair clings easily to the surface, which creates smoother results.
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