Here’s how to sculpt, tame, and fill in the perfect brows.

1. Select Stencil Choose the stencil shape that best fits your face, then place over brow.
2. Application Use the angle brush to apply Brow Powder to the open area. To tame unruly hairs use Clear Brow Gel to hold them in place.
3. Enhance Clean up strays by tweezing. Use brow highlighter to help sculpt by applying directly along brow bone (under the hair) then blend upward to create a subtle glow
Brow Grooming Kit
Includes two brow guides, brow powder, and a brow powder brush to help sculpt and define brows, available in 3 shades.
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Brow Gel
Clear Brow Gel helps tame unruly brows & holds them in place. Also try Tinted Brow Gel, it provides a subtle tint that works on all hair colors.
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Brow Pencils
—Highlighting Pencils help sculpt brow bones and give eyes a more "awake" look.
—Brow Grooming Wax helps hold brows in place.
—Soft Powder Brow Pencils are super-blendable and available in 6 shades.
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