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The luxury, beauty and convenience of instant length and a fuller, thicker mane has made hair extensions more popular than ever! Now available in a broad selection of fibers, shades and blends, extensions are best applied by a skilled professional stylist.

Q. Which type of extensions and which application method is best?
Review the basics about the various techniques and fibers before you go to the salon. Then consult with your stylist about the condition of your hair, the look you want and your lifestyle, so you end up with the results and the technque that works best for you.

Q. How much will it cost to put in hair extensions?
The cost of hair extensions varies—from less than a hundred to thousands of dollars—depending upon the style you desire, the technique used, the maintenance routine followed and even the area you live in. The more difficult and time-consuming the techniques, such as strand-by-strand fusion hair bonding and intricate braiding or weaving, the higher the cost will be. Quicker techniques, such as bonding, cost less, but don’t last as long. Always discuss cost with your salon pro before scheduling a service. Clip-in extensions and ready-to-wear hairpieces cost the least and can be applied at home.

Q. How long can I keep my hair extensions in?
This depends on the technique used. For example the bonding/gluing technique will not last as long as the fusion or weaving techniques. Always let your professional know how long you want to wear your hair extensions, so that she can recommend the best technique and maintenance routine for you.