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Chemical processing, excessive heat styling and rough handling can quickly lead to dry, brittle, split and broken hair—not a pretty picture! Fortunately, today’s advanced hair care formulas can help to improve the look, feel and condition of damaged hair. Put your over-stressed hair on the road to recovery by using a combination of weekly mositurizing and strengthing protein treatments, daily conditioning hair care and regular visits to your salon.

FOUR steps to stronger hair

Fortify Damaged Hair Daily Use a strengthening shampoo that gently cleanses, moisturizes and reconstructs damaged hair to make it stronger and less prone to breakage. Follow it up with a fortifying conditioner that contains natural moisturizers, vitamins and proteins for hair that's softer, smoother and shiner. Once or twice a week, use a deep conditioning treatment with a Ceramide complex that transforms hair fiber from the core to the surface.

Deep Treat Damaged Hair Weekly Turn dried, fried or straw-like hair into soft, smooth, silky hair with a weekly deep conditioning treatment formulated to repair and soften hair simultaneously. A hair masque, or other intensive treatments should be left on the hair for several minutes before rinsing. Heat application intensifies the treatment.

Pump Up Damaged Hair with Protein To restore manageability to dry, brittle hair, strengthen weak hair all day and protect it from heat styling damage, treat your locks with a leave-in protein cocktail that's spiked with Panthenol Pro-Vitamin B5. Spray it directly onto towel-dried hair and comb through, making sure the ends are treated.

Take Special Care of Color Treated Hair Revive dry, weak, color-treated hair with a deeply hydrating treatment masque. Natural extracts, vitamins and proteins combine to help strengthen hair and enhance hair color. Natural oils and silicones help improve hair texture, lock in moisture and add vibrant shine.

FIVE happy hair solutions

Let’s face it, hair doesn’t damage itself. So stop abusing your hair and give it the love it needs!

1. Customize your hair care. Make sure the shampoo and conditioner you use are helping your hair. If your hair is dry, damaged, color-treated or curly, it probably needs extra moisture, so switch to a moisturizing shampoo. If your hair is fine or thin, don't skip the conditioner. If rinse-out formulas seem too heavy, try using a lighter leave-in conditioner.

2. Add a once-a-week treatment. Choose a weekly treatment that addresses your specific needs. To rebuild weak hair and prevent breakage, use a reconstructor treatment or a deep conditioner. To seal in moisture and add softness and shine, try a hot oil or cholesterol treatment. For both, try a hair masque.

Chemical processing, excessive heat styling and rough handling can quickly lead to dry, brittle, split and broken hair

3. Treat your hair gently. Pulling, tugging and ripping through tangles can cause breakage. To ease through knots, use a wide tooth comb or detangler after conditioning. Sleep on a satin pillow case to cut friction.

4. Use ceramic/ionic styling tools. Heat stylers with negative ion and advanced mineral technology utilize far infrared heat that is gentler on hair and provides quicker results, so look for ionic-ceramic hot styling tools.

5. Visit your salon every 4 to 6 weeks. A key component to beautiful hair is regular salon visits. Re-shaping and cutting off damaged ends will transform any head of hair.