Summer Highlights

Haircolor expert Stacey Jones helps you infuse your hair with soft beams of sunlight.

If you love a beachy blonde look, but not the constant retouching, highlights are for you! Placed around the face and the crown of the head—the way the sun naturally lightens—highlights give hair instant excitement with low maintenance. For best results, have your hair highlighted at your salon. But if you're a do-it-yourselfer, you can achieve outstanding results at home by using a highlighting or bleaching kit that includes everything you'll need. Enlist a friend to help you, or do each other's hair! Be sure to read package directions first and follow them carefully.

While there are several ways to apply highlights, the easiest way is to use a highlighting or frosting cap designed with holes that allow the user to pull hair through. These strands can then be lightened while the rest of the hair is protected. A highlighting tool is provided to pull the hair through the holes. For subtle highlights, pull strands of hair through every third hole in the cap. For sunny streaks, pull strands through every second hole. For blended blonde, pull strands through every hole in the cap.

Tips for highlighting hair at home using a frosting cap:

  • Always start with clean dry hair.
  • Lightly spray long hair with Ion Brilliance Shine Spray to allow the hair to easily pull through the cap.
  • Comb hair back away from hairline prior to putting on highlighting cap.
  • After each section of hair is pulled through the highlighting cap, lightly comb that section to eliminate any small loops at the scalp.

Blonde Brilliance Highlighting Kit contains everything needed to create customized "off the scalp" blonding, from subtle streaks to dramatic chunks. The kit includes bleach powder, mixing tub, developer, brush, gloves, frosting cap, needle, and step-by-step instructions.

Beyond The Zone On/Off Scalp Radical Bleach Kit allows you to create any bleaching effect possible, including chunks, dips, tips, and highlights. The kit includes: bleach powder, mixing tub, developer, brush, gloves, frosting cap and needle, plus easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.

Stacey Jones - color expert

A master colorist, salon education manager, and brand manager, Stacey Jones has more than 17 years of beauty industry experience. She is currently senior brand manager, professional products, for Sally Beauty.

Blonde Brilliance Highlighting Kit and Beyond The Zone On/Off Scalp Radical Bleach Kit