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blow dryers 101

selecting the right dryer for your hair type

Selecting the Right Dryer for Your Hair Type Whether you’re looking for a hair dryer to create volume, eliminate frizz, or speed up drying time, Sally Beauty offers an extensive selection of professional-quality dryers with options for every hair type!

  • all hair types:
  • Look for Ionic technology. Ionic technology creates negative ions to lock in moisture and smooth the hair’s cuticles. Ceramic and tourmaline technologies help eliminate frizz and reduce drying time. Also look for a cool shot button that will help set your style for a longer hold. A concentrator attachment will allow you to condense the dryer’s air flow, fight frizz, and focus styling.
  • thicker or coarser hair types:
  • Look for stronger air flow for faster drying times; multiple heat settings to help you alternate between low and high temperatures (use cooler air for styling and higher heats for faster drying time); and a diffuser to help create well-defined, smoother curls. You should also look for a pik, to help smooth extra curly strands by combing the hair as you blow it dry.
  • thinner or finer hair types:
  • You will want multiple heat settings with lower settings to help reduce heat damage, and an Ion button so you can turn off the ionic technology to enhance the hair’s volume.

what’s in a dryer?

Have you ever picked up a hair dryer and wondered what all those fancy options are? Here’s your quick guide to a hair dryer’s functions:

  • Wattage: Hair dryers with 1875 watts will do the job. Look for lower wattages if you have shorter or finer hair, or only dry small sections of hair like your bangs.
  • AC Motor: AC motors generally last longer and are quieter, and more powerful, which is ideal for stylists and individuals looking for power and ultimate durability in their hair dryers.
  • DC Motor: DC motors perform extremely well on a daily basis and are much lighter.
  • Dual Voltage: Look for a dual voltage dryer if you plan on traveling outside of the U.S. or Canada or will be visiting any country that does not use 110/120V. (After you buy your dual voltage dryer, don’t forget to pick up a Conair Pro Plug Adapter & Voltage Converter Kit.)
  • Heat Settings: Provides different levels of temperatures for maximum flexibility in creating styles.
  • Ionic Technology: Ionic technology creates millions of natural negative ions to break down water droplets and allow hair to dry faster with less damage.
  • Tourmaline: A precious metal that enhances ionic technology, reducing frizz and creating smooth and shiny hair.
  • Ceramic: Dryers with ceramic infused finishes help distribute heat evenly, which helps prevent damage.

extend the life of your hair dryer

Clean your hair dryer filter regularly! Have you ever noticed it’s taking longer to dry your hair? Often it’s because your filter has clogged up, which reduces air flow and causes longer drying times. To properly clean your dryer’s filter:

  • First unplug your hair dryer and let it cool down.
  • If your dryer has a removable filter, take it off and use a small brush to remove the dust and dirt, or rinse it with water. ALWAYS allow the filter to completely dry before placing it back on your dryer.
  • If your dryer doesn't have a removable filter, use a brush to gently clean off the dust.
  • Check your filter for buildup at least once a month, or you'll risk burning out the hair dryer’s motor.

If cleaning your filter doesn’t speed up your drying time, it may be time to replace your dryer.

Ionic technology creates millions of natural negative ions to break down water droplets and allow hair to dry faster with less damage.

healthy tips for blow drying your hair

  • follow these tips for healthy blow drying:
  • Keep your dryer moving to avoid overdrying or damaging sections of hair. Be sure and use a lower heat settingremember it’s the air flow not the heat that has the greatest impact on drying your hair. Finally, only use higher heat settings to style your hair, then lock it in with a cool shot.


You can also keep your dryer looking clean and fresh with Dissolve’s All Purpose Extra Strength cleaner to remove residue buildup on the outside of your dryer. Simply spray the cleaner on a soft cloth then wipe down the outer surface of your dryer.