Customize your haircare at home. Healthy hair in three easy steps. Step 1. Choose a high-quality base. Step 2. Add any combination
                of Alchemy boosters. Step 3. Shake for 10 seconds & it's ready to use. Start customizing your kit.

Step 1

Add a Base

Step 2

Add 3 Boosters (for each Base)

ALCHEMIST'S FAVORITE MIXES. Alchemist's Signature Blend: Moisture + Shine + Repair. Brilliant Hydration: 2x Shine + Moisture. Healthy Glow: Repair + Scalp Care + Shine. Healthy Volume Fine Hair: Volume + Repair + Shine. Color Radiance: Color Lock + Shine + Moisture

Step 3

Add your Boosters to your Base and shake for 10 seconds. Now your customized hair care is ready to use.

Person pouring Urban Alchemy booster into the base bottle.