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Enjoy Student Savings

Get your Beauty Student Savings card from Sally Beauty. It's FREE! Simply present your beauty school ID and complete an application at your local Sally Beauty store to receive your student card.

Beauty Student Members Enjoy These Great Benefits:

Save like a pro on every product

Control your student expenses with the low Pro price on every item in the store. No one pays less.

Get exclusive monthly discounts

Receive additional monthly specials available only to beauty students and pros. View the Pro flyer online or receive it in your mailbox every month.

Special email offers

Sign up for emails with exclusiv beauty student offers. Keep your email address current and manage your preferences so you don't miss out on weekly specials and new techniques.

Want to see the great benefits you get as a Pro? Click here and trade in your student card for a Pro card.

Q. My Sally Beauty Club card has expired. What do I do?

A. Get on it ASAP so you don't miss out on another day of savings! If you’re in the U.S., you can renew online if you have your card number handy (assuming you didn’t throw it out...ahem). First, if you’re not already logged into your account on, start here. After it says hi, you in the upper right, then add the card renewal to your cart here with the Add to Bag button. Check out. Savings accomplished. Renewal extended 12 more months.

Q. I lost my card. Oops, and it was expired too. What to do?

A. If you don’t feel like leaving home, then renew online. Same steps as above, just without your card number. Once your renewal transaction has been completed, contact customer service to request a replacement card. But if you want to walk the aisles and see what’s new in store, head in to any U.S. or Canadian Sally Beauty store.

Q. How do I know when my Sally Beauty Club card has expired?

A. Beauty Club memberships expire at 11:59 p.m. EST on the last day of their expiration month. How’s that for precision?

Q. I renewed online. How do I get my $5 renewal reward?

A. Check your email first. (You did give your real email address at checkout, right?) It should arrive within five days of the date you renewed online. Then get busy! Use your reward the very next day or anytime in the month following your renewal while it’s still valid.

Q. OK, yep. I gave a fake email. Sorry. But I still want my $5 reward. What do I need to do?

A. You must be subscribed to Sally e-mails to receive your rewards, O Savvy One. If you’re not subscribed, do it here with your Beauty Club number handy. Hit Apply at the bottom to save your changes and make it official. While you’re there, fill out your profile! 5 easy questions. I swear. And life will be better for it.

Q. But I need my reward. Right. Now. How can I get instant gratification?

A. Log into your online Sally account. Look for the magic My Coupons icon. Click it. Print. Enjoy.

Q. Do I get a bonus for renewing on time?

A. Absolutely! If you’re in the month and year your card expires, then you’ll receive bonus product valued up to $7.99 ($8.95 Canada) in addition to a $5 certificate!* Bring your $5 certificate back the next day or through the end of the following month. The bonus product will be in the same transaction as your Beauty Club membership renewal.

Q. How can I tell when my Beauty Club card expires?

A. Log in or register on to see what our database has as your expiration date.

Q. I want to renew online. Do I still get the $5 certificate?

A. Of course. Look for your $5 certificate in your e-mail within 72 hours. Caveat: you must be subscribed to Sally e-mails to receive your rewards. If you’re not subscribed, register now. Make sure to include your Beauty Club Card number! If you already have a account but don’t receive Sally e-mails, log into your account and click the Communications icon, then check the box next to Yes, I give Sally Beauty permission to send me promotional offers via e-mail and save your changes. Easy.

Q. With an online renewal, how do I get my bonus product for renewing on time?

A. Add a Beauty Club renewal (Item# 992296 in the US, #992385 in Canada) to your cart. Then add any product from the specified brands valued $7.99 ($8.95 Canada) or less to your cart and enter the applicable promo code from the list below. [insert table] Then wait for a box of awesome to arrive!

Q. I’ve heard that there’s a monthly 15% off coupon for Beauty Club members. How do I get one?

A. It’s not a rumor! Spend $25 in one calendar month (or $35 if you’re in Canada), and you’ll receive a 15% off reward to use on a future purchase. You can accumulate the $25 either in stores or online, and you can do it across multiple transactions. As long as it all adds up to $25 pre-tax in the same month. Rewards are sent via email, so if you’re not subscribed to Sally emails, your reward won’t find its way to your inbox.

Q. I’ve got things to buy. When will I receive my reward?

A. Check your email, but it may take up to three weeks. (I know. We’re working on that.) Or if you’re feeling impatient, you can also log into your account. Go to your My Account page and find the My Coupons icon. Click My Coupons. View. Print. Voila.

Q. I’m planning a big purchase. How can I maximize my rewards?

A.’s a secret. There’s a completely legitimate way that you can make the most of your rewards if you’re purchasing in a Sally store. If you spend $25 or more when you purchase or renew your Sally Beauty Club card, you’ll receive (1) the instant $5 bonus reward and (2) the e-mailed 15% off reward. You can then use both rewards on your purchase the following month for huge savings! It doesn’t work that way online, unfortunately, since can only accept one coupon at a time.

Q. I’m pretty sure I qualified for a reward, but it’s not showing up. Help?

A. Contact our Customer Service team Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST at 1-866-234-9442. Or send us an email, and we’ll get you fixed up.