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clip-in hair

Each Euronext and Design Lengths Premium Remy Clip-in 100% Human Hair 10 pc. set includes:

Wefts are the individual pieces of hair onto which the clips are sewn. One 10 pc.
set covers the entire head vs. other extensions.The 1 1/2-inch wefts are for the sides
of your head, the larger wefts are for the back and the 1-inch wefts without clips are
for strand testing for any chemical processes.

For installation, you’ll need:
10-piece hair extensions
One large hair clip
One extension-friendly brush or comb

Practice makes perfect! Practice opening and closing the snap clips
to get familiar with the amount of pressure required. Practice placing
and removing wefts in your hair on either side of your
head using one of the 1½-inch wefts.

step one: create a horizontal part

Extensions are attached to hair that is parted horizontally.
It’s best to work from the bottom up. Start by parting
your hair in the back with a part that runs from ear to ear
as shown, in a slight U shape. Secure the hair above the
part with a large hair clip. Comb the hair below the
horizontal part so it hangs neatly.

step two: attach wefts in the back

—Start with the 5 3/4-inch weft. The wider wefts are for placement
higher up. Open all the snap clips on the weft.
— Place the weft below your horizontal part, making sure it is centered
on your head. The top of the weft should run along the bottom of
your horizontal part.
— Close the snap clips beginning with the center one. Pull the weft
slightly taut before snapping the second and third snap clips closed.
Be sure each is secured completely.
— After making sure it is secure, carefully brush or comb through the
weft and your hair below the horizontal part. This will remove any
tangles or bunching of hair that may have occurred during placement.
— Release the hair above your horizontal part and brush or comb your
hair again to blend your extension with your own hair.
— Repeat these steps with wider wefts higher on your head.
Tip: For more volume, start at the bottom
of your head instead of the middle.

step three: attach wefts on the sides

The 1 1.2-inch wefts are for the sides of your head. Attach the first weft slightly above your ear line. The second weft should be placed above the first. Repeat these steps on the other side.

hair extension tips:

Work carefully to avoid unnecessarily tugging. Gather your hair just above the highest weft and clip it securely out of place. Open all snaps completely.
Gently pull the weft up and away from your own hair. Repeat with the next
highest weft, until all wefts are removed.

—Your extensions should be washed after approximately two to four uses.
—Using a wide-toothed comb, gently remove all tangles before washing.
Be gentle—don't tug or pull. A detangling solution or deep conditioner will help get rid of excessive tangling.
—Wet the hair with warm water, then use a small amount of hair extension
shampoo and gently lather through the hair from top to bottom.
—Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
—Apply a conditioner to help prolong the health and usability of the extensions.
Leave it on for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.
—Gently blot the hair and the clips with a towel. Then gently comb through
the hair from top to bottom to remove any remaining tangles.
—Open and close the snap clips several times to free any excess water.
Then leave the snap clips open and hang the extensions to air dry.

Always store the clean, dry extensions flat in a hair extension storage case. Horizontal or vertical storage is OK.

If you choose to use a heat tool, use it on the lowest setting.
Styling products should be used sparingly. Extensions can be trimmed
with scissors or professional shears to customize your desired style.

Never attempt to remove the weft if all the snap clips are not open. Do not wear extensions while sleeping, bathing, or performing strenuous activities. Remove them from your head before washing, conditioning, or styling. Avoid excessive heat. Consult a stylist before performing any chemical process, such as coloring or perming, to avoid damaging your extensions. Avoid using products that contain alcohol, peroxide, bleach, or dye.