Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store

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Get free same-day pickup on all your must-have items. Order online and enjoy easy, stress-free pickup on hair color, nail supplies, hot tools, haircare and beauty products.

We've made it safer and easier for you to shop. Here's how it works:

Buy online

Choose "In-Store Pickup" when ordering your items. During checkout, verify your store location.

Check email

We’ll send an email/text (opt-in during checkout) with your confirmation and when your order is ready.

Pickup in store

Park, go inside and pick up your order with your email confirmation and/or a government issued ID.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is buy online, pickup in store?

A safe way to shop that allows you to order online and have all your items ready before you walk into the store, so you can be in and out in a matter of minutes!

Is curbside pickup available?

Please be advised curbside pickup is dependent upon staff availability by store. We recommend you call the store to confirm curbside pickup is available at your location prior to placing your order.

Can I check the status of my order?

When your order is ready, we will send out an email or text (opt-in during checkout) with pick up instructions. At this time, the status of your order isn’t available to be checked online. Rest assured we will keep you as updated and informed as possible about when you can pick up your order.

Is buy online, pickup in store free?

Yes! We offer buy online, pickup in store as a free shopping option, no matter the amount of your order.

Will my order be ready the same day?

In most cases your order will be ready the same day unless placed close to or after the store is closed. Your order will then be ready the next day.

How long after my order is placed will it be ready?

Your order will be ready for pickup within 2 hours after you placed your order. Orders placed outside of store hours will be ready for pickup the next day. You will receive a “Ready for Pickup” email/text when your order is ready.

How long will my order be held for pickup?

You have 3 days (72 hours) to pick up your order. After 4 days (96 hours) your order will be automatically cancelled.

Stubborn Grays?
Dark Roots?

Right before shutting down her computer for the evening, her boss messages her to schedule a video call for early next morning. She replies, “Yes, of course!” Meanwhile, she’s panicking about her gray roots. She’s doesn’t have any color left, and she needs to do a touch-up tonight.

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Faded Vivid?
Streaky Color?

She’s getting ready for a party tonight, and she can’t wait to match her neon outfit to her hair. The only problem is — her bright semi-permanent pink is starting to fade, and her natural color is peeking through. She wants her hair to be on point, but how is she going to refresh her color in a few hours?

Shop Bright Color

Split Ends?
Frizz & Flyaways?

It’s Sunday morning, and she just woke up. She’s got some serious bedhead, and her locks are limp and lifeless. She looks at her calendar and springs out of bed. It’s brunch day with the girls. She’s got to fix this quick — or else she won’t make it in time for bottomless mimosas.

Shop Hair Care

Broken Nail?
Chipped Polish?

After a long day typing away at her keyboard working from home, and doing housework like laundry and washing the dishes — her manicure was totally chipped and worse for wear. Her friend texts her, “Can’t wait for girls’ night at your place!” Uh oh. No way was she going to be caught with those nails around her wine glass.

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