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Hair Color Glossary

  • Permanent Hair Color

    The longest-lasting hair color, which alters the hair permanently; requires a developer.

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  • Demi-Permanent Hair Color

    Needs a low-volume developer; enhances hair color for up to 24 shampoos.

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  • Semi-Permanent Hair Color

    Does not require a developer and lasts up to 12 shampoos; sometimes has hair-conditioning properties.

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  • Temporary Hair Color

    Typically doubles as a styler; doesn’t penetrate the hair & washes right out.

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  • Diluter

    Also, known as a pastelizer, is used to create lighter shades and pastels with vivid colors.

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  • Bright Color

    Bright hair color that comes in every shade of the rainbow, typically semi-permanent.

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  • Lightener

    Also known as Bleach. Alters the structure of the hair to remove natural color; allows brighter hair color results.

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  • Developer

    Mixes with hair color to allow it to penetrate the cuticle; and mixes with lightener to lift color.

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  • Color Corrector

    Removes top hair color to reveal the base tone, but does not further lift the hair color.

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