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Good Dye Young

Poser Paste Temporary Hair Makeup

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What is it?

Poser Paste Hair Makeup is a washable, color infused paste that is safe for all hair types, easy to use and create different looks with a quick dry time and little transfer on clothing.


"Hair is one of the coolest and easiest tools that we have for self-expression. It's your own personal megaphone…and it's attached to your head!' -Hayley Williams, Founder of Good Dye Young & Lead Singer of Paramore Good Dye Young suppots artistry, creativity and self-expression.


We believe happiness and confidence is the most beautiful you. We want to see you be #beautifullyobnoxious and rock it. 

What makes it special?
  • Fragranced with essential oil Bergamot and Sweet Orange for a citrus smell
  • Can be styled for a natural look or something bold and modern
  • Colors glow under blacklight for a fun at parties or festivals
  • Vibrant colored paste washes out in 1-2 shampoos
  • Colors are mixable, create your own unique shade
  • Safe for all hair types and all ages

How to:

1. Stir well before using

2. Apply a small amount of Poser Paste to clean, dry hair.

3. Add more for greater color intensity.

4. Dries quickly so brush out for a softer look.

5. Style as desired – heat tools are totally fine!

6. Wash out when you want with your favorite shampoo.

Scrunch into curly hair to keep your natural texture

Comb through before product dries for a softer look

Layer it on thick for a bolder look

Use Poser Paste to add a pop of color to your hair, use on bangs, strips of hair, or ends for a touch of color.

Use a makeup wipe to remove it from your skin

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