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Powder Hair Color by One 'n Only

Powder Permanent Hair Color Kit Dark Golden Blonde

0.35 OZ |  Item SBS-005891

What is it?
One n’ Only® vegan permanent powder hair color is a pre-blended, no-lift, single application color that provides 100% gray coverage. This non-ammonia, gentle formula maintains the health and integrity of the hair. No developer needed. Just add water! Maintains the health and integrity of the hair.
What makes it special?
  • No Ammonia
  • Odorless
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • Eco-Friendly/Recyclable Packaging
Sodium Carbonate Sodium Carbonate Peroxide Cellulose Gum Silica Sodium Sulfate Resorcinol P-Phenylenediamine Sulfate Magnesium Stearate P-Aminophenol Sulfate M-Aminophenol Sulfate 4-Chlororesorcinol Xanthan Gum

Prep for Color
Powder Color Kit Contents:
•    Packet of powder color
•    Measuring cup for water
•    1 mixing tray
•    1 hair color brush
•    Gloves to wear during application

•    Open packet and pour powder into small plastic tray.
•    Using the enclosed measuring cup, add 6 cups of water into the tray.
•    Mix with the color brush until the product turns into a smooth consistency.

Quick and Easy Hair Color 
Suggestion: Wear an old tee shirt to color 


For even gray coverage, apply color in the areas most gray.  

Full Head Color                                                                                                             
•    Divide hair into four sections. Begin application on clean dry hair.                            
•    Starting at the front hairline using ½ inch sections, apply color at the root area working from front to back.                       

•    Immediately, work color through to the ends.                                          

•    Process for 30 minutes once application is complete.                              

•    When process is complete, rinse the color from the hair. Shampoo and Condition.                     

Touch Up and Color refresh                                                                                                             
•    Divide hair into four sections. Begin application on clean, dry hair.        
•    Starting at the front hairline using ½ inch sections, apply color at the root area working from front to back.

•    Set timer for 30 minutes once application is complete.                               

•    After 20 minutes, work color through to the ends to refresh, for a total of 30 minutes.
•    When process is complete, rinse the color from the hair.   Shampoo and Condition. 

Before You Color
We always recommend that before any hair color service you perform a patch test. This test will help identify if you have sensitivity to using a hair color. Perform test at least 48 hours before hair color service even if you have experienced using hair color products before.

Sensitivity Test
Before applying color, perform a sensitivity test 48 hours before even if they have used hair color before.  Some people can be allergic to hair color products. Allergies can develop or worsen suddenly. Perform the patch test 48 hours prior to hair color. Procedure: With soap and water, wash an area of the skin the size of a quarter on the elbow bend or behind the ear. Prepare a small amount of the hair color mixture and apply to the skin with a cotton swab. Let dry and don’t disturb for 48 hours. If there isn’t any reaction, you ready to color. If there are signs of redness, burning or other skin irritations, rinse with warm water. Do not proceed with hair color application.

Patch Test
•    Mix a small amount of powder hair color with water in the plastic tray.
•    Use a cotton swab to apply a quarter sized amount to a small area of skin behind your ear or inside your elbow.
•    Keep area dry and wait 48 hours.
•    If there is a change to the area, do not use. Consult with a doctor if you have any questions or concern.

Strand Test
•    A strand test helps determine the timing and the color result.
•    Take a small amount of hair in the nape of the neck and clip the rest of the hair out of the way.
•    Mix a small amount of color and completely saturate the hair strand.
•    Process for 10 minutes.
•    Rinse the color to see if this is the desired result. If not, do not proceed with application.

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