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Beyond the Zone

Split Decision Heat Activated Temporary Hair Color

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What is it?

Express your creativity and individuality with Beyond the Zone® Split Decision™ Heat-Activated Temporary Hair Color. Our new heat activated temporary hair color transforms before your eyes. After applying your hair will change color when heated to 86⁰F/30⁰C. Cool the hair back down and it will change back to the original color. Repeat as necessary.


Need more flare?


Add in sections of a different Split Decision Heat Activated Temporary Hair Color and watch in amazement as your hair becomes a kaleidoscope of colors. Whenever you’re over it simply wash your hair for a fresh start. Rock on Split Decision Temporary Hair Color works best on pre-lightened hair.


All products are Vegan & Cruelty-Free.

What makes it special?
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free
  • Color Changing

1. Apply to clean, dry hair. Styling products should be removed prior to application. If hair is shampooed prior to application, do not use conditioner. The product works best when hair is pre-lightened, however, it can be visible on darker hair colors.

2. Protect clothing and counter, as the product can stain porous surfaces.

3. Section hair according to the finished style.

4. While wearing gloves, dip sponge applicator into the jar.

5. Apply directly onto the desired section thoroughly saturating to ensure coverage.

6. Dry each section with a blow-dryer on the medium setting. While drying, work each section with gloved fingers separating the hair strands.

7. Watch the transformation instantly as you apply heat. When you remove the heat, the hair will slowly return to the primary color that was applied.

8. Product is easily removed with shampoo.