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Beauty class is in session and we want you to ace every course! Take a look at our shopping list of essentials and tools to make you an A+ student.

Cosmetology Shopping Guide

Hair Stylist

Impress clients with your curling, styling and straightening skills.You can achieve any style or look with the tools and hair products we stock.


Cut your way to success with top-rated products designed to produce superior results. A variety of tools dedicated to each topic in your course can all be found right here. Remember that practice makes perfect, and you can always count on Sally to help you sharpen your barbering skills.

Nail Technician

Shape, file and execute each nail technique with precision. Become the best of the best, performing top-notch manicures and pedicures using quality products curated for professionals.


As your expertise grows, learn how to bring out the inner beauty of each of your clients. Find your signature techniques with products tailored to a variety of skincare needs.

Pro tip

Did you know that cosmetology students are eligible for discounts under Sally Beauty's Pro Membership?

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