mat buying

You’re on your feet all day long –
the right mat will make a difference!
Modern materials make mats
lightweight and durable, and are a
must for every salon. If you can’t
remember the last time you replaced
your mats, you're probably overdue!

Check out our tips to get you the cushy comfort you deserve.

step 1: identify what you need

What type of floors are you working on? Wood? Concrete?
—The harder the floor, the more support you need.

What types of shoes do you wear to work?
—Do you like to wear sky-high heels, or are you more of a rubber sole kind of pro?

How long are you on your feet?


Do you prefer rectangle or a semi-circle shape?

step 2: type of mats available

Soft, Polyurethane Mats The high-tech poly-urethane mats continue to gain in popularity for their lightweight design, durability
and soft, resilient cushion that rebounds with each step.

Double Sponge Mats With twice the thickness of standard mats, double sponge mats features a hard top surface that is puncture and abrasion resistant and are available in 2 unique textures for a unique look.

Standard Mats: Long-time pro favorite These 1/2" thick mats with vinyl top set the standard and continue to be the top-selling mats on the market.

step 3: pick your mat!

All mats available in your choice of either a
3’x5’ rectangle or a half-circle shape:

Soft, Polyurethane Mats
For long days on hard floors, or
for those who prefer a soft mat:
—PolyComfort Stylist Mats
—StandEasy Memory Foam Mats

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Double Sponge Mats
For the support of an extra thick sponge
plus the added resistance of a hard top:
—AirFlex Double Sponge Mats
—Textured Double Sponge Mats

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Standard Mats
If you work on floors with some give, or wear rubber-soled shoes these mats set the standard for support:
—Cushioned Floor Mats
—Smooth Solid Floor Mats

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