Soak Off Gel Remover

Soak Off Gel Remover



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  • Eeasily removes IBD Soak Off Gel
  • Contains moisturizing oils

IBD Soak Off Gel Remover allows you to easily and quickly remove IBD Soak Off Gel. Simply roughen up the surface of nails covered with 'IBD Soak Off Gel' using a 180 grit nail file. Place a piece of nail wipe soaked in IBD Soak Off Gel Remover over each nail and wrap each nail with aluminium foil.


Make sure that the foil is wrapped tightly, now wait for ten minutes. Once ten minutes is up and the gel has loosened from the nail plate use an IBD plastic cuticle pusher to gently push the gel off the nails. So simple, so fast! Soak off time: 10 minutes.


IBD Soak Off Gel Remover contains moisturizing oils to prevent drying of the natural cuticle oils