wavy hair Hair strands typically formulated in a very loose, elongated "S" shape and requires products that do not weigh the hair down, and help eliminate frizz
curly hair Tight full-bodies curls characterized by a "corkscrew" shape. Hair has a good curl definition but can become frizzy and requires products that control frizz and maintain moisture.
Kinky Curly
kinky curly hair Tightly defined curl pattern that is typically very fragile and prone to damage from combing and blow-drying. Requires hair care that provides moisture to help define curl and protect hair.
transitioning hair Transitioning hair often has two major concerns, breakage and style management. Avoid daily heat styling and trim ends once a month. Condition hair after shampooing to minimize breakage.
Cocktail #1: Oil infused Gel
Enjoy the benefits of this oil infused gel that packs enough punch to deliver great hold, shine, and moisture! It covers all the bases when it comes to achieving the desired results you want from your hair product.
What you will need: Mix well until all products are blended together, leaving you with a smooth, creamy, consistency. For best results apply to clean damp and comb through. Allow hair to dry naturally or with blow dryer. Great for twist outs, roller sets, and other sculptured styles.
Cocktail #2: Luscious Leave-In Conditioner
Luscious Locks are right around the corner when you prep your hair with this Leave-in conditioner infused with coconut oil. It helps to detangle, soften, condition and repair split ends, all while leaving hair silky, shiny, smooth, and hydrated!
What you will need: Mix until coconut oil is evenly blended into conditioner leaving a smooth and creamy consistency. Apply to clean wet or damp hair from roots to ends. Do not rinse out. Style as desired.
Cocktail #3: Argan2 Conditioner
This double duo of Argan oil gives your hair an intense therapy session to repair dry, damaged hair without weighing it down. Indulge in this luxurious combo to reawaken strands and bring your hair back to life.
What you will need: Mix until a smooth, creamy consistency. Apply to clean hair, distributing evenly, and leave on for 2-5 minutes. Rinse well. For even more intense conditioning, cover hair with a plastic cap for 5-10 minutes. Remove cap and rinse hair thoroughly.
Moisture Is Key
Kids' hair can be extremely dry. From wearing wool hats in the winter, to swimming in the summer. If they also have tight curls, you’ll want to pay even more attention to moisture. Use natural oils like coconut oil, argan oil and shea butter to nourish and detangle before styling.
Tools + Technique
Detangling doesn't have to be torture. The keys to detangling are tools + technique. Use a wide-tooth comb to gently but thoroughly detangle hair section by section. Use a leave-in conditioner or detangler on hair before combing.

When shampooing, massage your little one's scalp to stimulate growth and help maintain a healthy scalp.


  • Shampoo: Massage your child’s scalp while shampooing to maintain a healthy scalp and generate hair growth. Be sure to run fingers down the hair shaft to prevent tangles.
  • Detangle: the key to easy detangling are using the proper tools and technique. Use leave-in conditioner or detangler and section hair. Using a wide tooth comb, gently detangle hair section by section.
  • Moisturize: From the change in seasons to constant activities, kids’ hair can become extremely dry. Use natural oils like coconut oil, argan oil, and shea butter to nourish your child’s hair before styling.
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