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Clipper & Trimmer Shopping Guide

Get the right tool for the job. Can't decide if you need a clipper or a trimmer? We can help.

CLIPPERS (The all-around tool)

Used for cutting large sections of hair or trimming down a beard. And you’ll find that useful if you don’t shave every day or if you want to let your hair grow out. Clippers also work better on natural or curly hair. We recommend the Wahl Professional Peanut Clipper for coarse hair. But remember: A clipper won’t give you as close of a shave as a trimmer.

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TRIMMERS (The specialist tool)

Used for shaping areas like the back of the neck or around the ears, as well as cleaning up the edges of your beard or mustache. The main difference between a clipper and a trimmer is that a clipper is geared for cutting away large sections of hair. On the other hand, a trimmer maneuvers in close areas to give a cleaner look. It’s also useful for edging a beard along the cheeks, temples and neckline. A trimmer can be used to cut hair depending on the guards and your own expertise. Even long hair can be cut with a trimmer and a comb. For coarse hair, we recommend the Wahl Razor Edge Trimmer.

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SHAVERS (As close as possible)

In comparison to trimmers and clippers, shavers provide the closest shave — one that leaves your skin bare and smooth. And electric shavers are similar to trimmers, but the main difference is that trimmers typically leave some hair behind. On the other hand, a shaver cuts close to the skin to completely get rid of hair for a clean-cut look. This makes trimmers great for stubble — and electric shavers perfect for clean shaves.

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