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Picking the right shade.

  • Lighter skin tones should opt for lighter, warmer reds.
  • Darker skin tones should choose deeper, cooler reds.

Evaluate color options.

  • Semi-permanent hair color can last
    up to five shampoos. This is your
    best choice if you haven’t completely
    committed to going red. This method
    works if your natural hair color is
    somewhere in the middle—but
    if you are light blonde, it won’t
    wash out, and if your hair is
    dark, you won’t get the red
    you’re looking for.
  • Demi-permanent is gentler than
    permanent and is a good choice
    if you’re not lightening or you
    want to blend gray rather than
    cover it. It lasts about a month.
  • Permanent hair color lasts until
    it grows out and it’s great for
                   covering gray.


  • Your hair color will come with instructions and processing times. Follow them closely! Perform a strand test on a few select strands of your hair to preview your own results. Details are included in the directions.
  • For permanent color, choose a liquid or cream. Liquids are easiest to mix and apply, and they give consistent results. Creams contain nourishing ingredients that give rich conditioning to your hair.
  • You’ll need hair color, developer, and disposable gloves. For liquids, you’ll need a bottle applicator, which is reusable. For creams, you’ll need a bowl
    and brush made for hair color,
    which are reusable.
    The Color Trak Tools Bottle Kit
    includes the accessories
    you’ll need..


Questions? Come to Sally Beauty and we’ll answer your questions and help you select the right products.