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Ammonia Free Permanent Crème Hair Color

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What is it?

Inspired by Nature Ammonia-Free Permanent Crème Hair Color contains grape seed oil and 100% natural pistachio, almond, & avocado oils. 100% naturally-derived polymer helps to smooth the surface of the hair after damage from chemical treatments while offering 100% gray coverage.

5 different color series available:

Natural Series- Chestnut Seed & Cocoa extract

Blonde Series- Sunflower oil & Chamomile extract 

Auburn/Red Series- Sweet Cherry Fruit extract & Cranberry seed oil

Ash and Mushroom Series- Walnut & Hazelnut oil 

Violet and Violet Red Series- Fig Fruit & Blueberry extract

Ammonia-free color lifts up to 3 levels. See Directions and Pro Tips for additional tips and information.


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Our hotline is open from 8:00am to 5:00pm CST Monday – Friday.

What makes it special?
  • 100% naturally derived polymer helps to smooth the surface of the hair after damage from chemical treatments.
  • Cruelty-Free (Product not tested on animals), PPD Free, Ammonia Free, Vegan, Gluten Free
  • Grape seed oil and 100% Natural pistachio, almond, & avocado oils
  • Hair color tube made of 100% recycled aluminum
  • Hair color cap made from 100% recycled material
  • 100% gray coverage

In a non-metallic bowl, mix 2 oz. of Inspired by Nature Hair Color with 3 oz. of Inspired by Nature Activator. Mixing ratio is 1:1.5. To determine the volume of activator please refer to the chart. Apply to dry unwashed hair. Process for 35 minutes depending on texture or porosity. Rinse thoroughly and shampoo.


Keep in mind that ammonia-free color can only lift 3 levels even when using a 40 volume developer.


Initial result can appear slightly darker than expected due to how the color molecule grabs the hair and should return to the normal shade after a couple of washes.


We encourage patch testing as well as test stranding can ensure safe and desired results.


Contact us for a one on one consultation at 800-859-3112.

A strand test is always recommended, especially if your hair is porous or chemically/color-treated because it allows you to see the results on a small strand of hair prior to doing the entire application. All instructions are based on an average hair texture. When the hair is coarse, it takes more time to absorb color, so it requires a longer processing time. When hair is fine, it take less time to absorb color, so it requires a shorter processing time.

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