3RRV Medium Intense Red Violet LiquiColor Permanent Hair Color

3RRV Medium Intense Red Violet LiquiColor Permanent Hair Color



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  • 3RRV Medium Intense Red Violet
  • 2RRV Dark Intense Red Violet
  • 4G Light Golden Brown
  • 5G Lightest Golden Brown
  • 12 AA-BV High Lift Ultra Cool Blonde-Blue-Violet
  • 5RR Lightest Intense Red
  • 10G/12G Lightes Golden Blonde
  • 12AA-B/HL-B High Lift Ultra Cool Blonde-Blue
  • 12A/HL-V High Lift Cool Blonde
  • 12B/HL-N High Lift Neutral Blonde
  • 1AA/52D Ultra Cool Black
  • 8NN Light Rich Neutral Blonde
  • 7NN Medium Rich Neutral Blonde
  • 6NN Dark Rich Neutral Blonde
  • 5NN Lightest Neutral Brown
  • 6G/74G Dark Golden Blonde
  • 5RN/75R Lightest Red Neutral Brown
  • 1A/51D Cool Black
  • 9NN Very Light Rich Neutral Blonde
  • 8RN/71RG Ligth Red Neutral Blonde
  • HL-G Golden Blonde
  • 3RN/56R Medium Red Neutral Brown
  • #57D Medium Ultra Cool Brown
  • 9AA/20D Very Light Ultra Cool Blonde
  • 4RV/64R Light Red Violet Brown
  • 10N/12B1 Lightest Neutral Blonde
  • 10GN/12G2 Lightest Gold Neutral Blonde
  • 3RR/203RR Medium Intense Red
  • 4RR/204RR Light Intense Red
  • 8GN/27G Light Gold Neutral Blonde
  • 8A/28D Light Cool Blonde
  • 8R/29R Light Red Blonde
  • 4NN Light Rich Neutral Brown
  • 68R Medium Red Violet Brown
  • 6GN/25G Dark Gold Neutral Blonde
  • 9A/26D Very Light Cool Blonde
  • 9AA-BV/30D Very Light Ultra Blonde Blue Violet
  • 6RN/31R Dark Red Neutral Blonde
  • 6AA/32D Dark Ultra Cool Blonde
  • 5R/33R Lightest Red Brown
  • 2RV/70R Dark Red Violet Brown
  • 3GN/39G Medium Gold Neutral Brown
  • 7AA/34D Medium Ultra Cool Blonde
  • 5A/94DN Lightest Cool Brown
  • 5GN/35G Lightest Gold Neutral Brown
  • 5AA/36D Lightest Ultra Cool Brown
  • 4AA/37D Light Ultra Cool Brown
  • 7G/41G Medium Golden Blonde
  • 5N/85n Lightest Neutral Brown
  • 7A/42D Medium Cool Blonde
  • 6N/86N Dark Neutral Blonde
  • 7RN/43R Medium Red Neutral Blonde
  • 7N/87N Medium Neutral Blonde
  • 8N/88N Light Neutral Blonde
  • 2N/82N Dark Neutral Brown
  • 3N/83N Medium Neutral Brown
  • 9AN/40D Very Light Cool Blonde
  • 4N/84N Light Neutral Brown
  • 4R/45R Light Red Brown
  • 89N Very Light Neutral Blonde
  • 4A/46D Light Cool Brown
  • 4RN/47R Light Red Neutral Brown
  • 2AA/48D Dark Ultra Cool Brown
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  • Color:
  • 3RRV Medium Intense Red Violet
    Color 3RRV Medium Intense Red Violet2RRV Dark Intense Red Violet4G Light Golden Brown5G Lightest Golden Brown12 AA-BV High Lift Ultra Cool Blonde-Blue-Violet5RR Lightest Intense Red10G/12G Lightes Golden Blonde12AA-B/HL-B High Lift Ultra Cool Blonde-Blue12A/HL-V High Lift Cool Blonde12B/HL-N High Lift Neutral Blonde1AA/52D Ultra Cool Black8NN Light Rich Neutral Blonde7NN Medium Rich Neutral Blonde6NN Dark Rich Neutral Blonde5NN Lightest Neutral Brown6G/74G Dark Golden Blonde5RN/75R Lightest Red Neutral Brown1A/51D Cool Black9NN Very Light Rich Neutral Blonde8RN/71RG Ligth Red Neutral BlondeHL-G Golden Blonde3RN/56R Medium Red Neutral Brown#57D Medium Ultra Cool Brown9AA/20D Very Light Ultra Cool Blonde4RV/64R Light Red Violet Brown10N/12B1 Lightest Neutral Blonde10GN/12G2 Lightest Gold Neutral Blonde3RR/203RR Medium Intense Red4RR/204RR Light Intense Red8GN/27G Light Gold Neutral Blonde8A/28D Light Cool Blonde8R/29R Light Red Blonde4NN Light Rich Neutral Brown68R Medium Red Violet Brown6GN/25G Dark Gold Neutral Blonde9A/26D Very Light Cool Blonde9AA-BV/30D Very Light Ultra Blonde Blue Violet6RN/31R Dark Red Neutral Blonde6AA/32D Dark Ultra Cool Blonde5R/33R Lightest Red Brown2RV/70R Dark Red Violet Brown3GN/39G Medium Gold Neutral Brown7AA/34D Medium Ultra Cool Blonde5A/94DN Lightest Cool Brown5GN/35G Lightest Gold Neutral Brown5AA/36D Lightest Ultra Cool Brown4AA/37D Light Ultra Cool Brown7G/41G Medium Golden Blonde5N/85n Lightest Neutral Brown7A/42D Medium Cool Blonde6N/86N Dark Neutral Blonde7RN/43R Medium Red Neutral Blonde7N/87N Medium Neutral Blonde8N/88N Light Neutral Blonde2N/82N Dark Neutral Brown3N/83N Medium Neutral Brown9AN/40D Very Light Cool Blonde4N/84N Light Neutral Brown4R/45R Light Red Brown89N Very Light Neutral Blonde4A/46D Light Cool Brown4RN/47R Light Red Neutral Brown2AA/48D Dark Ultra Cool Brown

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Additional Information

  • 84% more conditioning than leading brands
  • 61% more shine (versus untreated hair)
  • Multi dimensional results
  • 100% gray coverage
  • Long lasting results

Miss Clairol is reinvented. Introducing new Clairol Professional Liquicolor Permanent Hair Color. The same shade results and 100% gray coverage you expect from Miss Clairol, now with SOY4PLEX for up to 84% more deep conditioning than the leading professional cream.


SOY4PLEX leaves hair deeply conditioned, with up to 61% more reflective shine, multi-dimensional color and long-lasting results. Liquicolor permanent offers 57 inter-mixable shades. Featuring the new unified numbering system Clairol Professional Liquicolor Permanente combined Miss Clairol and Torrids into inter-mixable shades 4 tonal families: Neutral, Ash, Gold and Red 10 tonal pillars


Key Benefits:

84% more conditioning than leading brands, 61% more shine, 100% gray coverage, long lasting, multi-dimensional, and same shade results with additional conditioning benefit of SOY4PLEX Technology creating healthy colored hair.


1. Deep Conditioning: Soy4plex conditions inside and out.

2. Long-Lasting Color: Soy4plex color molecules penetrate the cortex of the hair while smoothing out the outer layer of the hair helping to seal in color.

3. Reflective Shine: A deep conditioned outer layer of the hair forms a highly reflective surface for a healthy shine.

4. Multidimensional Results: Deeply conditioned hair reflects light to create a multi-dimensional natural look.