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Hot Tools

Hot Air Brush 1 Inch

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What is it?
The Hot Tools® Professional 1” Hot Air Brush is a versatile tool with a multi-vent barrel and multiple heat settings to create gorgeous, full-bodied curls on a variety of hair types. The unique barrel is outfitted with flexible, ball-tipped bristles to help gently comb and pull strands taut for ultra-smooth results. This hot air brush features a curl release switch that unlocks and rotates the barrel to release curls easily and avoid tangled styling. Includes a cool tip that not only adds styling protection, but also unscrews to allow the barrel to be removed for easy cleaning. The professional 8ft. swivel cord and soft-grip handle make each styling experience as comfortable as can be with full range of motion and a soft touch. Dependable performance and beautiful results are guaranteed with a 7-year limited warranty.
What makes it special?
  • Ball-tipped bristles sleeve for easy cleaning
  • Tangle-Free Curl Release
  • Textured Soft-Grip handle
  • Versatile multi-vent barrel
  • High/Low Heat Settings

Operating Instructions:

  • This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). As a safety feature, this plug will fit into a polarized outlet only one way.
  • If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician.
  • Do not attempt to force the plug into an improper outlet.

For U.S. residents only: In the event of an unusual circumstance such as immersion, the protective device will not allow the dryer to operate. Periodically check the safety plug to verify it is in proper working order. Plug the appliance in an electrical outlet and press the test button. The dryer should stop immediately. To resume operation, press the reset button.

Cleaning Instructions:

Clean the air inlet daily. This will extend the life of your hot air brush and prevent it from overheating and shutting off.

  • Remove dust and lint from the internal lint filter using a brush, fingers or a vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning your Hot Air Brush

  • The tangle-free bristle sleeve may be removed for cleaning.
  • Before cleaning the appliance, allow the unit to cool. Never remove the brush sleeve when hot.

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS Follow these important steps in removing the brush barrel from the Hot Air Brush:

  1. Hold the barrel of the Hot Air Brush away from you. Turn the Cool Tip counterclockwise to remove.
  2. Detach the Cool Tip from the end of the barrel.
  3. After the Cool Tip is removed, slide the brush barrel off. After cleaning, return the attachment. When it is firmly in place, replace the Cool Tip and lock it in position by turning clockwise.

Styling Tips:

  • Before using your Hot Air Brush, towel-dry your hair and smooth it with a comb or brush to prevent tangling. Styling your hair will be faster if the hair is slightly damp, not wet.
  • Plug the Hot Air Brush into an electrical outlet and slide the switch to the “high” setting for styling medium to thick hair. The “low” setting is recommended for fine hair.
  • Slowly run the brush through hair starting from the scalp and moving toward the ends.
  • Take a small section of hair, about 2 inches, to style in curls, waves or body.
  • Using one hand to hold the Cool Tip and the other to hold the handle, place the Hot Air Brush under the hair and roll for a curl.
  • Leave the Hot Air Brush in the roll for 10 -15 seconds for medium to thick hair or 5-10 seconds for fine hair. Repeat the roll until the desired curl is shaped.
  • To create body, brush hair up and away from the scalp, stroking against the natural direction of growth. Repeat often for long-lasting body and volume.
  • To release a tangle-free curl, push the Locking Barrel Switch down and hold. The barrel will release for easy unwinding.
  • To straighten, brush away from the scalp, both over and under the tress of hair to be straightened until the hair is warm and dry.
  • When styling is complete, slide the switch to the “off” position and unplug the unit.

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