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Flip-It!® Bottle Emptying Kit 2-Pack

2PK |  Item SBS-003387

What is it?

Save time & money! Contains 2 complete sets to fit most standard screw-top bottles worldwide.

Each set contains: 2 XL Grey Dispensing Stands, 2 Large Coral, 2 Medium Dark Grey, 2 Small Cream Adapters, matching gaskets and easy illustrated instructions.

Flip 2 bottles at a time!

Fits Most Standard Bottles: Each kit comes with four bottle thread adapters that fit the most common sized bottles found around the world.

Multi-Purpose: It can be used throughout the entire home and can be put to work by businesses like salons, restaurants, groomers, detailers and more looking to save time and money on the products they use.

Saves Money: By getting every drop of product you paid for.

Maximize yield: Buy the big size for less, and get every drop with Flip-It!®

Reusable: Simply hand wash or top rack dishwasher and use again and again.

Food Safe: Flip-It!® is food grade safe and BPA Free

Affordable: For the price of a cup of coffee, people can start saving time and money immediately, and for years to come

What makes it special?
  • The Flip-It! Bottle Emptying Kit helps save time, money and frustration getting every last drop of product out of bottles
  • When pump dispenser quits, replace with Flip-It! cap system - including shampoos, conditioners, lotions, gels, condiments and syrups
  • Eliminates the need for funnel kits - use Flip-It! to quickly transfer liquids from one bottle to another with easy dispensing valve
  • Zero Waste - Get the last 20% out of your bottles - Fits most bottle threads worldwide
  • Washable and Reusable - lasts for years. Recycle responsibly with Flip-It!"

Step 1: Remove the bottle's original cap or pump when it becomes difficult to get out the remaining product.

Step 2: Determine which parts fit your bottle. It could be the dispensing Stand alone, or in conjunction with an Adapter.

Step 3: If using one of the Adapters, make sure the correct-size gasket is inside, then twist the Adapter onto the bottle. GASKETS AVOID LEAKS!

Step 4: Make sure the XL gasket is inside the Dispensing Stand and twist it onto the Adapter or directly onto the bottle.

Step 5: Lightly tighten the Flip-It!® system, and press the valve tip closed before flipping the bottle. (Note: If valve is open, bottles will wobble/fall over to let you know to close the valve.)

Step 6: Flip the bottle upside down and stand it on a solid surface. Allow some time for gravity to move the product down into the Flip-It!® Dispensing Stand.

Step 7: To dispense the product, first pull open the valve tip.

Step 8: Squeeze the bottle to get out the desired amount of product, then close the valve tip and keep the bottle standing upside down on the Flip-It!®

When your bottle is empty, disassemble the Flip-It!® and wash the various components either by hand (suggested) or in the dishwasher (all parts have tested top-shelf dishwasher safe) then reuse Flip-It!® on another bottle.

Those important gaskets are washable and reusable, too. Give the Flip-It!® valve tip a gentle tug to remove it completely from the Dispensing Stand, so you can clean it thoroughly.

With the valve tip removed, balance the donor bottle into the receiving bottle for an automatic transfer. For super-thick liquids, run warm water over the bottom of the bottle to allow the product to move down to the Flip-It®.

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