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Donna Bella

18" Clip In Straight Human Hair Extensions


What is it?

Donna Bella Hair® 18" Clip-In Hair Extensions are made with high-quality human hair that is silicone free. They’re easy to use and ready to wear right out of the package. Our Clip-Ins are designed to mimic the fall of your natural hair and are pre-blended at the ends. This means that the extensions have a light, wispy feel that provide full movement and give you a natural look– no bulky or blunt ends and no heavy weight line. Having more wefts in a variety of sizes gives you the freedom to customize your install and give you the full coverage and density desired. The best part? No need for tools or adhesives. Simply install, adjust or remove when needed. These silky and smooth extensions have the cuticle intact and can be used in all hair types. No salon visit required.

Synthetic and human hair extension sales are final and cannot be returned for any reason.

What makes it special?
  • Made with high quality human hair for long lasting wear and a natural blend.
  • Designed to mimic the fall of the natural hair with pre-blended ends providing full movement and a seamless blend once fully installed.
  • Larger clips to provide a secure hold with even weight distribution and less tension on the natural hair and scalp.
  • More individual wefts for a customizable installation that offers full coverage and density with each weft installed. Great for all hair types.
  • No damage to natural hair. These are securely attached to your hair with pressure clips. No tools, chemicals, or glues needed and no salon visit required.
  • Pieces per pack: A total of 10 wefts. (One 9-inch piece, one 7-inch piece, two 6-inch pieces, two 4-inch pieces, four 1.5-inch pieces)
  • Hair Length: 18 inches
  • Gram Weight: 120 grams

How to Install:

  1. Start with clean, dry hair. Part hair horizontally a few inches above the nape of your neck.
  2. Clip larger wefts in back, selecting the weft size that fits best to your head. After sliding the clip in place, snap to ensure a firm and secure hold.
  3. Clip smaller wefts on the sides of the head and as you move up.
  4. Extension brush recommended for best results. Style hair as normal. Caution: when using hot tools, avoid heat near the clips.
  5. When you’re finished wearing your extensions, simply unclip and store for another day!

Care & Maintenance Guidelines:

  • Use sulfate-free products only.
  • Extension Brush recommended.
  • Remove extensions before bed.
  • Wash occasionally (once a week at most).

Using Color & Heat with Your Extensions

  • When possible, limit heat exposure in order to extend the life of your extensions.
  • When using a curling iron or hot tool with your extensions, heat to 250-350 degrees. Choosing a lower heat setting and doing a test strand can help you find the appropriate temperature.
  • If using a heat protectant oil or serum, apply mid-shaft to ends and allow product to set before applying heat.
  • For custom color, only use semi or demi permanent color (deposit color only; no lifting). Consult with your stylist on color needs.
  • Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. For color-treated hair, you might also want to use a moisture mask.
  • Donna Bella Hair® Clip-In Extensions are made with 100% human hair that has been handcrafted and ethically sourced. Each cuticle faces the same direction to create a soft and natural look that is less prone to tangles and knotting.
  • Donna Bella Hair® Clip-In Extensions can be dyed using semi or demi hair color.
  • Set heat to 250-350° when using curling irons or hot tools on hair extensions.
  • Donna Bella Hair® Clips-In Extensions will last up to a year if worn regularly or even longer if worn occasionally. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your extensions so be sure to store extensions on their hanger so they don’t get dirty or damaged.
  • Donna Bella Hair® Clip-In Extensions are great for a safe, fast and easy install and will cause no damage to your hair.

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